Telemedicine Service

Your care team at Seattle Integrative Oncology continues to offer telemedicine visits as part of our naturopathic medicine services.  Telemedicine audio and video conferencing consults allows us to serve you better by providing expanded resources for patient-to-physician communications.

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We are happy to offer telemedicine visits for all our patients. Given our specialty in naturopathic oncology, we often see immune-compromised patients daily and want to help you utilize every avenue possible to prevent additional health challenges. If you are unfamiliar with telemedicine, it is essentially a video conferencing platform that allows you to consult with your doctor remotely by way of a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone.  This means you can engage in an interactive, real-time visit with your physician from the comfort and safety of your own home.

To better clarify how our telemedicine service can assist you, please review the following quick reference items:

What do I need to make this work?

A smartphone, or laptop/desktop computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers.  You will also need high-speed internet service and an up-to-date internet browser such as Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Ok, I have those items, what next?

Set up a portal account with our telemedicine service provider AthenaHealth at: Seattle Integrative Oncology Patient Portal. You will be able to quickly create an account for either an iPad or iPhone, Android, or desktop/laptop. Although AthenaHealth is our preferred platform, in certain circumstance it may be necessary to utilize FaceTime or Zoom.

What will I do on the day of my appointment?

10 minutes prior to your telemedicine visit, you will need to access the link provided by our office via email.  Once there, select the “Login” button and enter the prompted sign-in information.  You will then be directed to the virtual waiting room in preparation of your doctor visit.

Will my insurance cover telemedicine?

Most major commercial plans provide coverage for telemedicine appointments.  However, insurance payers frequently change coverage terms and the extent to what they are willing to pay for.  We strongly encourage you to contact your plan to confirm coverage.  If your plan does not offer coverage for telemedicine, please contact our Seattle office at 206-739-7447 to discuss estimated out-of-pocket costs.

Is your telemedicine service secure?

Our telemedicine provider AthenaHealth uses industry leading technology to deliver patients a secure, HIPAA compliant platform for virtual office visits.

How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

Contact the office you typically do when scheduling in-person follow up appointments, or send us a request via the Athenahealth portal at:  As always, please contact us should any of the above information be unclear, or if you have further questions.  We are here to be a resource for you and want you to feel well supported during this difficult and uncertain time.