Integrative Oncology

…is not alternative medicine

Rather, integrative oncology combines both time-tested and scientifically based complementary medicine therapies with conventional, or standard cancer treatment methods, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal and biological therapies. At Seattle Integrative Oncology, we not only bring you expert naturopathic cancer care, but we also strive to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach that is seamlessly integrated with every aspect of your health care. Depending on each patient’s individual needs and desires, our approach combines the following goals:
  • Improve general health and optimize wellness
  • Strengthen and support the various organ systems, including the immune system, during and after conventional oncology treatment
  • Prevent and manage adverse effects or symptoms experienced during treatment
  • Incorporate a targeted nutritional and supplement plan based on demonstrated anticancer effects
  • Address those factors that may contribute to tumor cell development and activity; such as inflammation, oxidative stress, poor glucose/insulin control and immune dysfunction
  • When possible, provide strategies that may aid in delivery and efficacy of conventional treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy
Although many oncologists may not discuss integrative care with their patients, the majority of Americans with cancer are using some form or another of what might be considered ‘complementary and alternative medicine’. There are thousands of ‘natural’ products recommended as ‘good for cancer’, however they are of varying degrees of purity and potency. It is therefore critical that you use the guidance of a well-trained and experienced natural medicine expert to ensure your safety and maximize the efficacy of your treatment.
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