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From Education to Treatment – SIO is There for You

From prevention to palliation, each of our providers work with patients at all stages of health and disease. Our extensive knowledge on current treatment and supportive options allow our patients to make educated and individualized decisions regarding their condition and care. Initial visits typically last approximately 60 minutes, allowing time for thoughtful discussion to take place and custom treatment plans to be designed. Family and loved ones are welcome and may be involved in each visit to the degree that each patient wishes. Our ultimate goal is to empower his patients and to facilitate maximum wellness.

Services offered at Seattle Integrative Oncology:
  • Education about your specific disease and current treatment options
  • Nutritional analysis and extensive diet counseling
  • Physical activity and exercise counseling
  • Laboratory testing to assess numerous health and disease parameters; ranging from thyroid studies, vitamin D levels and sugar/insulin balance to comprehensive digestive and nutritional assessments
  • Botanical and nutrient therapies
  • Comprehensive and coordinated naturopathic care to minimize adverse effects and maximize efficacy of standard therapies, including:
    • Before and after surgery
    • Before, during and after chemotherapy
    • During and after radiation
  • Customized, detailed and dynamic treatment plans
  • Communication and collaboration with all physicians involved in your care
  • Referral to local resources for emotional and spiritual support
  • Referral to further services as appropriate, including medical and radiation oncology as necessary
  • Longterm survivorship care and wellness support
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