Naturopathic Medicine

Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is the art and science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease using natural, frequently non-pharmaceutical methods. Naturopathic physicians focus on optimizing health and wellness through detailed diagnostic analysis, individualized, patient-centered care and health education. The principles of naturopathic medicine act as a foundation to guide our patient care and treatment plans. A holistic approach to health that utilizes the least force necessary to achieve health and wellness is cornerstone to the naturopathic practice. Further, by understanding the complex physiology and biochemistry of the human body, naturopathic physicians support the inherent self-organizing and healing capacity of the body to counteract disease processes and promote health.
Identifying and treating the underlying cause of disease is of primary importance to the naturopathic practitioner, while addressing the varied symptoms of illness is often necessary to alleviate an individual’s immediate distress. Finally, patient education and disease prevention are fundamental to comprehensive naturopathic care. Naturopathic doctors utilize a variety of therapeutic tools or modalities to treat patients according to their unique needs. These often include clinical nutrition, physical activity and exercise prescriptions, general counseling, botanical medicine, therapeutic vitamin and mineral supplementation, homeopathy and physical medicine modalities such as hydrotherapy, massage, therapeutic injection and acupuncture.

At Seattle Integrative Oncology our care is focused on your unique medical needs and treatment goals. As a part of your health care team, and in collaboration with you, we strive to deliver the best in integrated cancer care, safely and effectively.
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